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Cherry Sports is a leading international sports IP operator in Asia. Our vision is to lead sports lead tomorrow. Basing on abundant resources from international sports organizations and media, Cherry Sports endeavors to help cities, scenic spots and corporates to forge their own uniqueness in sporting culture.
Cherry Sports holds varied types of sports IP, including professional competitions, participative games and sports theme park design and planning.

Rights Overview

Rights Type

Ornamental Type
  • World Winter Games
  • World sports dance Congress
  • Beach Club World Cup
  • Foot Volleyball World Cup
  • Italy Futsal Super Cup
  • Come to older International Series
  • The soul of running the world series finals in Asia
  • International Women's road run Tour
  • Paragliding World Cup
  • Riding a series of activities
  • Water and air movement theme park
  • Winter sports theme park
  • Argentina independent Football Club Youth Training

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